Our Packaging

We are proud to ship all of our orders in planet friendly, plastic free packaging. Our packaging is robust to keep your products safe with even the clumsiest of delivery drivers, and is designed to fit through your letterbox so you never have to return home to the dreaded “Missed Delivery” card when you are not in!

Every order includes a reusable cotton drawstring bag with a handful of treats for the lucky pup receiving the order. We reuse our own for anything from a jewellery bag to storing stationery!

For larger orders, our custom designed cardboard mailing boxes are used. These are fully recyclable as part of your home recycling programme, with eco-friendly adhesive. For smaller orders, our bespoke, accredited, home-compostable mailing bags are used. Made purely from plant based starch, just stick them in your compost or food waste bin, and they will break down into organic material in a matter of months! This is our only planet, so we want to do everything we can to protect it for our future generations and future pups!